by Cersie

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NOTICE: There will no longer be any Cersie releases, Cersie has been replaced by syntheticyou.bandcamp.com

a small album, with vocals on some songs
about a cyberpunk fucked up future

also i fucked up on some lyrics, whoops
i had some trouble writing some parts


released March 7, 2017



all rights reserved


RODENT-CAT Boise, Idaho

R-CAT / Elizabeth "The" Sunner, trans girl makin' music, and also perpetually browsing sample CDs

list of aliases - thesunners.wordpress.com/the-list-of-aliases/

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Track Name: Welcome To The New World
Kill or be killed
The world has changed
Blood and guts filling the streets
The people have been maimed

Screaming but no one hears
Bleeding but no one sees
Does anyone even care ?
She's lied down on the street to die

Will she be roadkill, or will she be shot ?
Will she get up and walk away ?
Will she get help or be left for dead ?
She's just hoping that /something/ will happen
Track Name: They
They hide under your bed
They want to be fed
They prey on the weak
Poor souls they will seek
They live in the dark
All bite, no bark
And when they catch you
Your bones, they will chew

Your parents seem to be gone
Maybe check your front lawn ?
You've found their shallow grave
Now I need you to be brave
They'll come for you tonight
But be ready to fight
I don't want you to die
This isn't a lie
Track Name: How To Properly Wear Your Human Exterior
Internal soul not belonging to your body
Is it worth it at all to even get a replacement ?

Faulty body and faulty mind
Tearing you apart to be so kind
It's time to get a new one
I'm sorry it has to be this way